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Television is dead: Welcome to Set Top Box

Hello there. Come on in, have a cup of tea, and settle down on our sofa.

If you were to read all the horror stories published in recent years (and we try to, but we get distracted by videos of otters holding hands on YouTube), you might believe that we’re at the end of television.  But we disagree. We may have lost our analogue signals, our Teletext, and a fair old chunk of our cathode ray tubes, but we feel that television is alive and well. And not only is it in our living rooms, it’s on our smartphones, laptops and lining our shelves in DVD form.

“It’s television, Jim, but not as we know it”

It is no coincidence, for example, that 2010 saw the first live broadcast debates for a General Election here in the UK. Even with the proliferation of on-demand services and Tivos, the broadcast schedule, and the potential for the “television event” is still important, as anyone who’s ever tried to avoid hearing who got “fired” from The Apprentice until they had time to watch it on catch-up can testify. While the early noughties may have given us “water-cooler television”, we can now thank twitter for “trending television”.

While remaining wary of any unduly utopian or dystopian perspectives on the current televisual landscape, we can say with impunity that we love television, in all its forms, and we watch as much of it as possible.

This blog was built to contain all the rants, musings and discussions prompted by watching all sorts of television in all sorts of ways.

Stevie the Tee-Vee

Is Stevie worried?

Happy viewing, square eyes!


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One thought on “Television is dead: Welcome to Set Top Box

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