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TV on DVD: Roseanne

As I only rarely watch live TV these days (mostly when I’m visiting my parents) my contributions to this blog are going to be mainly based around how I get my TV fix. That is to say, TV on demand and DVD boxed sets. So, in that spirit, and shamelessly inspired by a similar feature … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Doctor

We couldn’t let today go by without wishing the longest running science fiction series, Doctor Who, a happy 48th birthday. See how it all began, back in 1963: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eoWw80c7Ww0.

“Breaking” News

Breaking news on BBC News 24 just now: Ministry of Justice scraps plans to abolish youth justice board. They’ve scrapped the scrapping?!

Jamie’s Great British Empire

Watching Jamie Oliver’s latest series, Jamie’s Great Britain, the interesting, and perhaps noble, idea behind the programme seemed to be compromised by the vernacular used by Jamie. If you haven’t seen it, the series examines various aspects of British food, with a particular emphasis on the impact and influence that immigration has had on British … Continue reading

Coffee and Questions: Percolating the Carte Noire advert

Despite my keenness to include all types of television within this blog, I must confess that it was not my intention to start by talking about an advert. However, that was until this Carte Noire advert provoked by far the biggest reaction I’ve had to television all week (a week in which I’ve watched three … Continue reading

Television is dead: Welcome to Set Top Box

Hello there. Come on in, have a cup of tea, and settle down on our sofa. If you were to read all the horror stories published in recent years (and we try to, but we get distracted by videos of otters holding hands on YouTube), you might believe that we’re at the end of television.  … Continue reading